Taking a Look at the Causes and Treatments of Low Testosterone

Are you a man that is struggling with weight loss due to fatigue and poor energy levels? If so, then low testosterone levels could be to blame. Continue reading to learn more about how low testosterone can impact your health, along with its causes and treatments.

Effects of Low Testosterone

Any hormone imbalance can have severe effects on the body. When it comes to low testosterone levels, men can experience hair loss, low energy, decreased muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, and a low sex drive. Some men also report difficulty concentrating, irritability, depression, and a low sense of well-being. Considering the impact that having low testosterone can have on your body, understanding its causes and seeking treatment can be crucial to your overall wellness.

Causes of Low Testosterone

A broad range of issues can result in low levels of testosterone. In some cases, it’s simply the process of aging that causes the body to produce less of this hormone. However, other factors can also be at fault, such as being obese or having too much iron in your blood. Infectious and inflammatory diseases can also cause a drop in testosterone. Finally, medications for hormones or pain, performance-enhancing drugs, and radiation or chemotherapy can affect your levels of this hormone.

Treatments for Low Testosterone

If you are diagnosed with low testosterone, you’ll find that you have a number of treatment options to consider. There are patches that you can apply to your skin once per day that deliver testosterone to your body, and oral patches are also available, which stick to the upper gums and allow your body to absorb the hormone through the oral tissues. Topical gels, injections, and implanted pellets are a few more of the options for treating low testosterone.

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