A Simple, Safe Way To Minimize Wrinkles

Using Botox, we can reduce the appearance of wrinkles that are formed over time in the face by the contractions of the underlying facial muscles. Muscles around the eyes and forehead will overtime create wrinkles, lines, and furrows in the skin. By weakening and relaxing these contracting muscles, frown lines, worry lines, crow's feet and wrinkles can be erased. Botox© is a quick and painless procedure designed to restore freshness, youth, and beauty to faces that have been damaged by the process of living. With over 2 million Botox© treatments performed in 2010 alone, one may quickly gauge the popularity and effectiveness of this cosmetic procedure.

How Does It Work?

By blocking impulses from the nerve and relaxing the muscle, the result improves the appearance of these lines and wrinkles giving a softer smoother look. When used in small doses in these mimetic muscles that cause the wrinkles of the forehead and face, the existing creases fade and the formation of new wrinkles will be prevented. Results after injection takes approximately 3-5 days to appear. Optimal results will occur within 10-14 days. You may return to work or other activities immediately after treatment.

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